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Usefresh Canes

usefresh_comp_midsize (9351_1) PLEASE NOTE: Usefresh are limited edition uncooked FIMO canes for use by professionals. They are much fatter than the baked canes. They have a 'use by' date of around one or two months in most cases. Can be used beyond the guaranteed date

Bananas Usefresh

Price: £6.00  

An uncooked cane suitable for making peeled bananas. Very limited availability. Use by End Apr 2019

Cabbage Usefresh Dark Cane

Price: £8.00  

Use all 3 colours to make savoys. Use by end Apr 2019.

Cabbage Usefresh Light Cane

Price: £8.00  

For cabbage inners or the leaves of cauliflowers. Use by end Apr 2019.

Cabbage Usefresh Medium Cane

Price: £8.00  

For plain cabbages use this and the light cane. Use by end Apr 2019.

Cauli Inner Leaf Usefresh

Cauli Inner Leaf Usefresh

Price: £8.00  

For cauliflower inner leaves, use cabbage light for the outer leaves. Use by end Apr 2019.

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