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minis_midsize (9351_3) Welcome to the market place. We are bringing new miniatures onto the site all the time. Please keep looking in.

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Note To Miniaturists

We have moved the canes to the Canes, Fine and Superfine Slices page - click here, where we also have a new range of flowers and other interesting designs.

Apple Halves, (not on a plate, no knife)

apple halves on a plate (1759_2)

Price: £1.80  


Apple, single, rosy pk3

apples_rosy (10088_12)

Price: £1.00  

pack of 3

Banana, Bunch of 3

Price: £1.50  


Kabosu Halves pk2

kabosu_halves (11348_3)

Price: £1.50  


Kiwi Halves New pk2

kiwi halves new (13976_6)

Price: £1.50  


Melon, Galia, Half

melon galia half R0016440 (15396_0)

Price: £2.00  


Melon, Wedges pk3

melon wedges other R0016436 (15396_3)

Price: £2.00  


Melon, Wedges, Charentais pk3

melon charentais wedges R0016435 (15396_5)

Price: £2.00  


Orange Peeled

peeled_orange (10088_18)

Price: £1.50  


Pink Grapefruit Half pk2

pink grapefruit half 2016-11-16-1305 (17131_1)

Price: £1.50  


Strawberry Halves pk2

strawberry half new 2016-11-16-1307 (17131_10)

Price: £1.50  

Pack of 2

Bell Pepper, Green

peppers R0016784 (15871_34)

Price: £2.00  


Chanterelle Mushroom, Single

chanterelles 2016-11-16-1289 (17131_16)

Price: £2.00  

Will vary.

Cucumber Halves pk2

cucumber half (7065_5)

Price: £1.50  

Pair cucumber halves

Onion, whole pk3

onions_single (5661_3)

Price: £1.50  

Pack of 3 onions

Onions Bunch

new_onion_bunch (12683_4)

Price: £3.50  


Radish Bunch 3

radish striped bunch 2016-08-18-1146 (16877_0)

Price: £6.00  


Spring Onions

spring onion 2016-11-16-1306 (17131_4)

Price: £2.50  

New Style

Squash Wedge, Yellow

squash yellow wedges (16394_9)

Price: £1.00  


Wild Bolletus Mushrooms pk3

mushrooms_bolletus (11765_3)

Price: £2.00  

Pack of 3 currently only dark available

Wild Mushrooms on Small Plate

wild mushrooms small plate R0016863 (16097_5)

Price: £7.50  

Plate by Wooper, contents vary.

Bread Loaf

bread loaf R0016752 (15871_20)

Price: £3.00  


Jamon On Toast

jamon on toast 2016-11-16-1297 (17131_14)

Price: £1.50  


Toast and Melting Butter Plate

buttered toast plate R0016859 (16097_16)

Price: £5.00  

On Wooper plate.

Toast, Oval

toast oval R0016783 (15871_29)

Price: £1.00  


Toast, Triangular Cut 2 pieces

toast triangles 2016-11-16-1294 (17131_2)

Price: £1.00  


Wild Mushroom Basket

setas basket 2016-11-14-1277 (17031_14)

Price: £22.00  


Assorted Cheeseboards

cheese boards 2016-11-14-1282 copy (17031_11)

Price: £15.00  

Please specify which number in the "Comments Or Delivery Instructions" section when ordering

Cheese Tomato Crackers Board

crackers cheese tom board R0016854 (16097_19)

Price: £6.50  

Rustic wooden board.

European Cheeseboard, Rectangular

cheeseboards 2016-06-29-0881 (16703_1)

Price: £15.00  

Contents may vary

Fish, Scallop and Seafood Display

fish display board 2016-11-14-1281 (17031_13)

Price: £35.00  


Sashimi, Small

small sashimi R0016587 (15490_6)

Price: £2.50  


Spicy prawn Preparation Board

spicy prawn prep 2016-06-29-0884 (16703_4)

Price: £8.00  


Artichoke, Turnip and Garlic Plate

purple small R0016047 (14937_19)

Price: £16.00  


Chestnuts Plate

chestnut plate 2016-11-14-1278 (17031_2)

Price: £12.00  


Elvers Plate

elvers plate 2016-04-19-0334 (16394_3)

Price: £6.00  

On Elisabeth Causeret plate

Elvers Tapas

elvers tapas 2016-04-19-0335 (16394_4)

Price: £3.00  


Jamon Plate, Small

jamon plate small 2016-11-14-1273 (17031_9)

Price: £2.50  


Jamon, Cheese and Fig Tile

meat cheese fig tile 2016-11-14-1274 (17031_5)

Price: £6.00  


Mixed Meats Plate, Large

mixed meat large plate 2016-11-14-1272 (17031_18)

Price: £3.50  


Mixed Meats Plate, Small

mixed meat plates 2016-11-14-1269 (17031_15)

Price: £2.00  


Sashimi Tray

sushi tray 2016-09-25-1215 (16950_4)

Price: £12.00  

1 only

Tapas Tomato Dish

tomato tapas (12293_20)

Price: £3.50  


Brie Wedge

brie wedges 2016-11-16-1292 (17131_17)

Price: £1.00  


Brie Wheel

brie round (12889_14)

Price: £3.00  


Camembert Wedge

camembert wedges 2016-11-16-1291 (17131_12)

Price: £1.00  


Camembert Wheel, Cut

camembert wheel 2016-11-16-1293 (17131_0)

Price: £2.00  


Cheese Small Yellow Wheel and Wedge with Rind

portuguese cheese wheel and wedge (16394_15)

Price: £2.50  


Cheese, Old Amsterdam, Piece

cheese amsterdam wedges (16394_7)

Price: £1.50  


Cheese, Small, Goat, Single

goats cheese (16394_21)

Price: £2.00  


Cheese, Small, Portuguese style with lid

cheese pikelety style copy (16394_13)

Price: £2.50  


Cheese, Small, Tetilla

cheese teat style (16394_17)

Price: £2.50  


Double Gloucester Wedge

double glouc wedges (12889_5)

Price: £1.00  


Dutch Cheese Wedge

cheddar wedge 2016-11-16-1301 (17131_13)

Price: £1.00  


Edam Cheese Half

edam half 2016-11-16-1300 (17131_6)

Price: £2.00  


Orange Rind piece of cheese

orange skinned cheese wedge 2016-11-16-1290 (17131_9)

Price: £1.00  


Bacon Slices, Wrapped

bacon wrapped 2016-11-14-1270 (17031_16)

Price: £2.50  


Dry-cure Ham Slices

dry cure ham slices (12293_17)

Price: £1.00  

Can vary slightly from picture (we are selling the Iberico version at the moment)

Sausage Halves

sausage halves 2016-11-14-1276 (17031_12)

Price: £3.50  

One strung, one plain.

Crayfish single

crayfish R0016927 (16310_9)

Price: £0.75  


Crayfish Tray

crawfish tray R0016943 (16310_1)

Price: £8.00  

Slight variations possible

Elvers Cooked On Tray

elvers cooked tray R0016928 (16310_6)

Price: £6.50  


Elvers In Bucket

elvers bucket R0016930 (16310_2)

Price: £21.00  


Mackerel Fillet

fillet mackerel R0016767 (15871_35)

Price: £2.50  


Octopus In Net

octopus in net R0016939 (16310_4)

Price: £21.00  


Oyster, Single

oysters 2016-09-25-1221 (16950_9)

Price: £1.75  


Prawns, single pk3

prawns single (12293_10)

Price: £1.75  

pack of 3

Salmon (various)

Salmon (various) Item


 Order Quantity

Salmon, Steaks x1 salmon steak single (7065_1)

£ 1.20


Salmon, Steaks x3 salmon steakpile (7065_6)

£ 3.60


Salmon, Whole, No Head Or Tail  

£ 5.00


Scallop Basket

Scallop Basket

Price: £20.00  


Tiger Prawn, Raw, Single

tiger prawns raw 2016-11-16-1295 (17131_3)

Price: £1.50  


Trout Fillet

fillet trout R0016766 (15871_22)

Price: £2.50  


Citrus Slices


Price: £2.25  

Lemon, Lime and Orange. (Minimum 50 slices)

Exotic Fruit Slices

Bananas, Kiwi and Strawberry or Orange, Kiwi and Strawberry
Exotic Fruit Slices Item


 Order Quantity

Exotic Fruit Slices (banana) exoticslices_1001_18 Banana, Kiwi and Strawberry. (Minimum 50 slices)

£ 2.25


Exotic Fruit Slices (orange) exotic orange slices (5271_8) Kiwi, Orange and Strawberry. (Minimum 50 slices)

£ 2.25


Pizza Slices

pizza topping spread_1001_33

Price: £3.00  

Mushroom, Peppers, Tomato, Onion, sometimes Olives, Salami. (Minimum 50 slices)

Salad Slices


Price: £2.25  

Cucumber, Eggs and Tomato. (Minimum 50 slices)

Sashimi Slices

Sashimi Slices

Price: £2.50  

Salmon, tuna, white fish, clams, scallops, lemon, wasabi, Japanese pickled ginger (Minimum 50 slices)

Star Fruit Slices Pack

startfruitsllces (4345_5)

Price: £2.50  

(Minimum 25 slices)

Xmas Stockings

socks_small (11722_0)

Price: £2.50  

Approx 25 slices, assorted.

Cubes of Turron on Blue Plate

turron cubes blue plate R0016867 (16097_13)

Price: £5.50  

Plate by Wooper, Spanish xmas sweets.

Cubes of Turron on Purple Plate

turron cubes purple plate R0016867 (16097_9)

Price: £5.50  

Plate by Wooper, Spanish xmas sweets.

Pile of Turron (mixed)

turron pile bow R0016857 (16097_7)

Price: £4.50  


Turron Slices Plate

turron dish bow R0016855 (16097_23)

Price: £4.50  


Xmas Pudding

xmas_pudding (11765_5)

Price: £1.00  

Plate not included.

Xmas Tree, glittery

Price: £10.00  

3 available

Xmas Tree, orange slices

Price: £10.00  

3 available

Fruits And Flowers

There are even more miniature items (flowers and fruit) in the Canes, Fine and Superfine Slices - click here

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