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Spain, Campofrio July 2005 This year we decided to spend a whole 3 weeks in Campofrio. My excuse? To work on my book. Franks excuse? to work on his website program. 3 weeks of bliss. Work done ...... very little!
(IMAGE: 448_0_junta) Maybe this is where we should file our application for building approval?
(IMAGE: 448_1_campo-gorgeous) This is why .... 'nuff said.
(IMAGE: 448_2_paella) The end of any attempt at the Atkins diet! The ONLY way to eat rice. The whole village were fed with plenty to spare.
(IMAGE: 448_3_parade) The fiesta culminates with the parade of Santiago, (saint John). The procession around the village took over an hour. We sneaked away for one of Cecelia's amazing solomillos (sirloin) at the Bar Encina, and were back in time for the end of the parade and the fireworks.
(IMAGE: 448_4_moody-campo) View of the village from the Bar Encina. In the other direction you would just see the lights on the castle at Aracena. 17Km away.
(IMAGE: 448_5_green-pants) Part of the Campofrio fiesta. The day after the bullfight, little sisters of the bulls get their own back. We called this plucky guy 'greenpants'. The score was equal. We rather suspected the whole audience and the participants hadn't been to bed the night before. The mood was distinctly merry!
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