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Denmark, Farum April 2005 The Fair at Farum in Denmark. What can I say. The evenings are even more fun than the days. Many of the stand holders get together in the local restaurant at the end of each day, and consume a little too much Italian wine. And of course some Grappa!
(IMAGE: 508_3_denmark4) There was some kind of Hans Christian Andersen anniversary. This was the full size Prtincess and the pea bed in the entrance hall to the 'Kulturhuset'. There were miniature commemorative works too.
(IMAGE: 508_2_denmark3) What is Angie doing with a hot water bottle? ... Watch this page!
(IMAGE: 508_1_denmark2) My favourite exhibit was this stunning little bookshop. Unfortunately I didn't think to write down who made if you know will you tell me?
(IMAGE: 508_4_denmark5) My class were kind enough to 'compact themselves' from 2 days into 1 so I could bring Frank. Thanks girls.
(IMAGE: 508_0_denmark1) This is what we made. For the experts I also showed how to make red cabbage ... really quickly!  
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