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Australia, Sydney June 2005 Sister Steph accompanied me for some sisterly bonding. Sydney was delightful! The weather was much kinder than for the rest of my trip and I could see why people would want to live here.
(IMAGE: 455_0_sydney-1) The eateries along Darling harbour were a fishy fest. YUM! We went shopping and bought some opals for (my daughter) Kira and I, and a jacket at the opera house.
(IMAGE: 455_1_sydney-2) The class held in Liz Barnes' place in the suburbs. That's liz and I in the background.
(IMAGE: 455_2_sydney-3) The sun came out from behind a cloud, caught a ferris wheel behind the bridge ... and I caught it on camera!
Australia, Perth June 2005 The real ulterior motive for my trip was to get to see my sis on her own home turf. Though I've never forgiven Steph for leaving England just after voting for Margaret Thatcher's first term!
(IMAGE: 457_0_perth-1) Steph so much wanted to show me her city in the sun. But the clouds stubbornly refused to part. So we had a big English style brekky in a park restaurant.
(IMAGE: 457_1_perth-2) Freemantle. I love the sea and couldn't resist a splash. Of course June is winter here but the temperature was bearable. Just outside this picture there are surfers having probably more fun than British surfers in June!
(IMAGE: 457_2_perth-3-morescarrs) From the left Alex (my niece) Steph and 'pommie'.
Australia, Melbourne June 2005 My first visit after the Tasmania Conference was to Andrea Currie's place. I'd like to thank Andrea and her family for looking after me so well. I'd been nervous about the trip but Andrea and her husband made it all so much easier than I thought.
(IMAGE: 486_0_melbourne-1) Andrea and I seemed to have a lot in common.
(IMAGE: 486_1_melbourne-2) Blue crabs! Never got around to eating one, but a challenge perhaps!
Australia, Tasmania June 2005 Amea conference Hobart Tasmania. My 2 week whirlwind 4 state tour of Australia started in Hobart, a town which has picturesque Victorian clapboard houses. The weather was very English too.
(IMAGE: 490_0_tas-1) It rained on my lunchtime jaunt with a couple of friends to the local market. (Names have been witheld to protect the innocent.)
(IMAGE: 490_1_tas-2) Jan Jones took us around the views of Hobart and we took breakfast here. Very nice. Jan was incredibly busy (as was her sister Merrie and the rest of the committee) But Jan still took time to be the perfect hostess. Above and beyond the call of duty Jan. Many thanks for your kindness!
(IMAGE: 490_2_tas-3) Wombat! My favourite animal (and not just a local Hull pressure group ... sorry, local in-joke) I loved the wombat so much I bought a toy one later in Sydney, and it now travels everywhere with me. It's just the right shape and size to be an aeroplane neck pillow!
(IMAGE: 490_3_tas-4) The wildlife park where the wombat lives, along with Tasmanian devils, kangaroos and Koalas etc. as you would expect. One thing that surprised me is that if you're lucky enough to get to stroke the drugged looking Koalas, you find your hands smell very strongly of their drug of choice ... the eucalyptus. Apparently the quantities they eat would kill a man and certainly seem to stun them.
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