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Spain, Puebla De Los Infantes and Castle Almodovar

January 15&16. We visited Puebla de los infantes, Spain, for the wedding of our new friend Christina (daugter of the lady who sold us our house) and her 'novio' Juan Manuel (A well builder - how many of those do you get in England?). We had imagined that the weekend would feel rushed. But Spain worked it's magic and the 'two days for the price of one' feeling kicked in instantly.

The bride was beautiful (we'll show piccies when we've asked for permission). The wedding feast was all afternoon and evening , unforgettable, and I (Angie) particularly remember being taken on to the dance floor by one of the young musicians. I didn't protest too loudly!

The next morning we were lucky enough to meet up with the family and take a traditional Spanish breakfast of Churros y Chocolate. Or in my case cafe con leche. Churros are an unsweetened doughnut mix which is piped in huge swirls straight into the huge friers. Chocolate (pronounced like 'latte') is a thick hot chocolate drink almost always taken with churros. Then we took a trip across country towards Cordoba hoping to meet up with a friend. We were waylaid by the sight of Almodovar castle and the stories of how it was rebuilt. The weather was amazing and we picnicked on the hillside on the most delicious olive oil crisps, Spanish made Havarti and chocolate bars. I pointed out that all that was missing was the 'lashings of ginger beer'!.

We reached Cordoba mid-siesta. At 17 degrees in mid January it felt like heaven. It was such a rushed visit we really can't say mich about it except that we'll be back to see it's wonderful historic buildings and bridges. And our Hotel (Tryp) was very comfortable and really inexpensive. We didn't get to meet our friend who it turned out lived an hours drive away where he was suffering with a cold. Don't suppose it's been improved since by the record low temperatures Cordoba is experiencing at the time of writing this (late January 2005)

787_3_donkey1 Donkeys down the streets lined with naranjos 787_0_minstrels1 Minstrels outside the church waiting to serenade the happy couple
787_1_castle1 View from the hillside of Almodovar castle. An artshot in my opinion ;-) 787_2_castle2 View from the castle turret looking over the rio Guadalquivir

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