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Spain, Barcelona August 2005

Cubelles (pronounced 'cubeyas') We were invited to attend a fairly small fair near to Barcelona in this little seaside town. We accepted mainly because we wanted the excuse to visit Barcelona. We stayed in a really nice family-run hotel called Hotel Cesar in Villanova i Geltru. We really recommend it! If you visit and are offered a 'gastronomic offer' take it! The food is excellent and very good value. Even Frank, who is notoriously hard to please found several different dishes that he liked.
336_1_cubelles The fair was not busy, but not a disaster either. It was also very enjoyable especially as we spent the 3 hour lunch/siesta break on the beach. I washed the sand out of my hair each day in the sinks outside the 'loos' before the evening opening. I'm hoping we can find an excuse to go back next year! 336_0_skelingbonesonbike Human sculptures lined 'Las Ramblas'. These guys were outside our hotel. (Highly recommended for position and price). These skeletons seemed to be part of a theme .... I also had a brush with 'Death'. We just couldn't put all the pictures we took here. If you're visiting watch out for the card sharks! We watched a very professional team take 150 euros from a gullible 'punter'. Even the 'members of the public' who appeared to be on the side of the punter could be identified as plants when you knew what was going on.
336_3_dancing-skelly Another skeleton. Look carefully and find Mr Frank enjoying the act. You'd better have a handful of coins though. The human sculptures/performers take a dim view of you photographing them without contributing ... fair enough I say! 336_2_pedro-drums Strolling through Barcelona there were many memorable sights, smells and sounds but the most evocative was hearing a strange resonant melody from a distance, turning the corner and seeing this guy (Pedro Collares de Moraes) playing what looked for all the world like a small silver spaceship. It turned out to be a type of hollow steel drum. We sat for much longer than we intended and I particularly found it hard to tear myself away.

Spain, Gaudi Trail August 2005

The name Gaudi is, for art or architecture lovers, synonymous with Barcelona. We just had to use Gaudi as the theme for our only full day in the city. We'd have stayed a week if we could have justified it!
350_0_sexygarfield Mr Frank looking particularly gorgeous! This was not a Gaudi building ... But maybe a 'modernist' contemporary. 350_3_guell-gates For some reason Guell park was rather busy .... we found out later why. What a magical place!
350_1_thiswayup Park Guell. Which way is up? 350_2_super-ang After climbing to the top of the world .... Frank made me climb even higher. This was the very top. I was feeling 'top of the world'!

MinitMold Madness

Some things you just gotta do ... Just because you can. I just had to waste a whole large pot full of Minitmold on this famous Gaudi pavement. Extravagant? Yes. Worth it? Definitely.
413_1_minitmold-pavement   413_0_minitmold-madness   413_2_minitmold-done  

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