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Spain, Alicante April 2005

Alicante was much nicer than I'd imagined. I'd recommend a trip to the fair (usually first weekend in May) and a few extra days as a holiday for the miniature enthusiast. This was another fair done without Frank. Thanks to Iris for helping out. This time I decided to use a few extra days to relax and think. Each day I went down to the Internet cafe. Read my email. Sent up my work from the day before. Each afternoon I went down to the beach with a swimming costume a pen and paper and enough money to pay for a sunbed and parasol hire. It's a hard life! I did finally get down to the plans for my second book. Again, watch this page!
501_2_alicante3 This promenade was usually full of Illegal traders. Hazel, Iris and I bought a scarf each from one of the girls, and were quite amused to see the game of cat-and-mouse between the traders and the police. If the police arrived they scattered like leaves blown in the wind. 501_1_alicante2 Not all sunshine. I didn't mind the prospect of this impending shower ... I was going home.
501_0_alicante1 A really strange 'Ficus' (rubber tree?) with aerial roots. 501_3_alicante4 I did hear on the last day that there's an aerial car, or funicular rail, or something up to this castle. I didn't get there. Maybe next year!

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