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Italy, Milan and Venice

My first trip to Italy in 30 years! The first Miniaturitalia. Superbly run by Sabrina (pictured below in Madrid ... no wonder I get Madrid and Milan mixed up).
779_2_milan-dowds Our 'Neighbours' at the fair, John and Hazel Dowd. The evenings were spent imbibing too much 'Grappa' an Italian drink introduced by Jan, and obviously enjoyed by John. 779_4_milan-angie Angie's demo. 779_3_monkey1 Kira spent most of the Milan trip in the Hotel room. She said she was doing her homework but I think she had a little help.
779_0_venice-pose We took a day out to visit Carnivale in Venice. A really memorable experience. Everyone was either posing, taking photographs or both. 779_1_venice-witches Kira and Angie 'posing' in front of a stall selling typical Carnivale masks.  

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