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Holland, Arnhem April 2005

I had to do Arnhem without Frank. Scarily it was not only my first solo drive abroad (on the wrong side of the road) but in fact my first ever solo motorway drive. Fortunately I had Hazel, John and Sarah (Dowd) to help me. John drove ahead and I stayed as close to his tail as safety allowed ... Sometimes just a bit closer! Many thanks also to Klara for stepping in to help me out at the fair. Leaving Anja with only 3 helpers!
772_3_arnhem4 Thanks to John for this image of the fair in the impressively large Rijnhal. 772_2_arnhem3 Virginie's husband took this picture.
772_0_arnhem1 Anja van den Doel enjoying being serenaded. Jan found us this restaurant which was great for everyone (mental note ...except Frank wouldn't have found a pizza ... perhaps I'll do it alone again in October!) 772_1_arnhem2 John again with the camera. This image from the ferry came out even more impressive than it looked in real life!

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