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NEW: Angie Scarr's Colour Book

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NEW Angie Scarr's Colour Book

Nature's Colours For Polymer Clay, A5 size, 104 packed pages


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English / Español: Challenges Books Back In Print / Libros De Los Retos Ya Está Disponible

Groundbreaking projects covering the innovation and progression of many of Angie Scarr’s polymer clay techniques, which are now standard in miniature food making today. This series is a look back at the “Challenge Angie” series of articles from 2000-2005 in Dolls House & Miniature Scene magazine and other contemporary articles. A chance for a new generation to see these originals, now long out of print, all written in Angie’s slightly irreverent style.

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USA: Angie Scarr Miniature Challenges Part 1

UK/EU: Challenges Part 1

PART 1 Eighteen projects, A5, 62 pages.


Wild Boar Head
Live Lobsters
A Brace Of Pheasants.
Baked Potatoes
Alexandra Palace Fair
Red Cabbage
Peppers And Pizza
Moulded Fish (Sardines in crates)
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USA: Angie Scarr Miniature Challenges Part 2

UK/EU: Challenges Part 2

PART 2 Twenty projects, A5, 78 pages.


Simnel Cake
Crown Roast
Wheelbarrow Of Vegetables
Dog Biscuits
Encaustic Tiles
Rocket Lollies
The Titanic - The last meal.
Red & White Onion Canes

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EEUU: Los retos De Miniaturas Parte 1

UE: Los retos Parte 1

El Libro Retos De Miniaturas

Los primeros 18 proyectos aparecidos en la revista DHMS. A5, 62 paginas.


Cabeza de Jabalí
Langostas vivas
Patatas Cocidas
Feria de Alexandra Palace
Dulces Ingleses
Pimientos y Pizzas
Pescado moldeado (Sardinas en cajas)


Part 1 English 978-1542780582
Part 2 English 978-1542781176
Parte 1 Español 978-1542782265

Le livre des Défis Miniatures d'Angie. Maintenant disponible en Français.

<b>Le livre de Défis Miniatures d'Angie. Maintenant disponible en Français</b>

Livre: Les Défis Miniatures d'Angie

Projets de Magazines entre 2000 et 2001 en Pâte Polymère. A5, 62 pages.

Les Défis Partie 1 Expédié en Espagne £ 9.50 frais postaux £1

Les Défis Partie 1 Expédié en Europe £ 9.50 frais postaux £2

Les Défis Partie 1 Expédié hors Europe £ 9.50 frais postaux £3

Angie's First ebook Is Here - Tambien En Español! - Maintenant, en Français!

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Challenge Angie / Los Retos De Miniaturas Con Angie / Les Défis Miniatures d'Angie

A retrospective of groundbreaking projects covering the innovation and progression of many of Angie Scarr's polymer clay techniques, which are now standard in miniature food making today. A look back at the “Challenge Angie” series of articles in DH&MS, plus additional articles in British and American Dolls House magazines. A chance for a new generation to see these originals, now long out of print.

La mayor parte de parte 1 de esta colección es sobre los retos de Dolls House and Miniature Scene Magazine, pero también he incluido artículos publicados originalmente en otras revistas de miniaturas. La colección ha sido revisada y actualizada, conservando siempre la “esencia” de las ideas originales.

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Y en España


Maintenant, en Français


Europe and most other amazon regions are accessible through your normal store looking for title "Angie Scarr Miniature Challenges" or ASIN Number B00I1KWKP4

We are working on translations in several other languages including Italian, German and Japanese.

Making Miniature Foods Book

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Price: £16.99  

Angie's first book covers miniature foods for use in the house or market stall, ranging from deli through meat, fish and vegetables. Buy it direct from the author!

We are now into our sixth edition of "Making Miniature Food", it is a GMC Best Seller! Copies of the book will now only be signed on request. Thank you everyone who has taken the time to let us know how much you are enjoying the projects. Apologies to all the family members who aren't getting fed! PLEASE NOTE: postage costs have recently gone up in Europe, but the new book will fit in the postage band with this one at no extra charge.

Miniature Food Masterclass Book

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Price: £16.99  

Available NOW!

Start a voyage of discovery with Angie Scarr as she shares the secrets of her amazingly intricate work in a variety of materials and invites us to join in with her passion for miniature food.

Packed full of new techniques, materials and projects for all miniaturists to delve into, this book is illustrated with easy-to-follow, step-by-step pictures throughout.

Find out how to create a variety of food canes, liquid and translucent effects, glazes, moulding and veining all to amazing real-life effect.

Just some of the projects created with extraordinary attention to detail are: chocolate buttons, heart-shaped cakes, royal icing cheesecake, toffee apples

FREE GIFT: a free Angie Scarr Pies and Tarts DVD (as recommended by Montse's cat Patufa!) if you order the book here . Available for £5 anywhere else!

Angie Scarr is a highly regarded miniaturist, well-known worldwide for her intricate polymer clay work. She is constantly pushing the boundaries of her craft, exploring new techniques and materials. Angie's previous book for GMC Publications is the best-selling Making Miniature Food and Market Stalls.

YouTube Tutorials

YouTube Tutorials
We are releasing a whole archive of howto / tutorial videos dating from the 90s to present day on the Angie Scarr Miniatures YouTube Channel. There are all kinds of meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, pastries and tarts already online. Shortly we will add new footage for using the moulds.
Don't forget if you want regular updates you can subscribe to my channel.

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